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Take the next step to become a successful leader! Whether you’re managing a large organization, leading a team, or seeking to improve your skills, Sustineri have the tools to help you reach your goals.


About The Company

Our expert team provides top-notch consulting services to a wide range of organizations. Our main focus is on establishing sustainable management, providing comprehensive coaching, and nurturing effective team development practices. We believe in a collaborative and results-oriented approach, and our clients have consistently seen amazing results.

Meet The Founder

Bo Rusbjerg – Owner of Sustineri ApS

Sustineri ApS was established by Bo back in 2021. Bo has more than 15 years of experience within product development in different industries, and more than 10 years of experience running product development projects and programs in global organizations.
He is educated in B.Sc. Mechatronic Engineering from Southern Danish University (SDU) in Odense, Denmark.

Additional to his Engineering Degree, he has several project management educations as well as certifications e.g. IPMA-B Program Managing, and IPMA-B Senior Consulting and Coaching.

From 2017-21 he lived with his family in France, and Germany as part of the program for transferring product development knowledge, and help building up a new development team in Alsace, France.


Enhance Your Leadership Skills

Empower yourself with our expertly-designed and highly-tailored services that will provide guidance and support every step of the way on your dynamic journey towards achieving successful management.

Commited to Quality and Professionalism.

Our consultants ensure successful delivery of management skills. We prioritize continuous improvement in project management, whether hired for a specific task or to mentor in-house teams - consistent quality is guaranteed.


Meet Our Team


Bo Rusbjerg

Senior consultant

As the Manager of Sustineri, it’s my responsibility to impart the crucial principles of management to teams, managers, and executives in a professional manner.


Allan Moustgaard

senior consulent

As Senior Consultant, it’s my responsibility to coach and support our customers in the fields of product and project management. In addition I provide support and knowledge to my our team of product management consultants.


Zenia Henckel

communication expert

As the company’s Communication Specialist, my expertise lies in SEO, SoMe, and digital communication strategies.

It's all about execution power!

Many organizations possess significant untapped potential within their teams and structures.
By actively engaging with the organization and its teams, this potential can be harnessed for the benefit of all aspects of the organization.
We support organizations of all sizes releasing their hidden execution power.

We collaborate with organizations and individuals, utilizing an inside-out methodology, as we firmly believe that this is the most effective approach. 
Our process creates sustainable, and long-lasting change. We begin by conducting an assessment of the current state of the organization, team, or individual and build our transformation plan from there.
Our pace and growth strategies are tailored specifically to fit the needs of the organization and its individuals, ensuring that everyone is synchronized.
This enables the organization, team, and individuals to genuinely adjust their approach to work, resulting in lasting change and sustainability.

Inspiring Our Identity

We are committed to providing comprehensive care and support to help you become a successful leader. Please watch the video to learn more about our company and the services we offer our clients.

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A Strong Community

We are proud members of the organization Danish Project Management, which contributes to our team and organizational development as professional managers working in the fields of product- and project management.


Our Goals


Mission Statement

We are dedicated to support our clients in unleashing their full potential by using the Sustineri leadership approach that are rooted in our proficient expertise and experience.


Vision Statement

We strive to inspire leaders worldwide to maximize the synergies between financial success and employee well-being by using the Sustineri leadership approach.

Our Professional Offerings for You

We are actively seeking skilled consultants to collaborate with us in fulfilling our mission. Here you can see some of the advantages of working in our organization.

At Sustineri, we highly value our consultants’ expertise. Our team collaborates to deliver exceptional management services to organizations seeking solutions. Effective communication among our consultants is fostered through teamwork, resulting in successful outcomes.

As our valued consultant, you will have open opportunities to meet individuals who can help expand your professional network.

Our workplace values the contribution of every individual and fosters an environment that encourages new perspectives. Rest assured that you will have a multitude of opportunities to enhance your professional growth alongside other consultants, as we collectively strive towards creating innovative solutions.

 We take pride in using sustainable materials for our products to align with our brand values. Sustainability is our way of giving back to the community as well as the core of our organization.

Our company provides welcome packages to all new members. These packages include practical items such as thermo cups, and notepads with pens.

What People Say?

"At Sustineri, we value the well-being of our colleagues and strive to meet their needs. Our commitment to strong management extends both internally and externally."
Bo Rusbjerg
Senior Consultant & Founder
"Sustineri has been my constant source of inspiration and encouragement in my career journey. Their unwavering guidance and support have motivated me to strive for excellence every single day."
Zenia Henckel
Communication Expert
"The atmosphere is dynamic, professional, and innovative, promoting growth and development in a comfortable yet professional environment."
Allan Moustgaard
Senior Consulent

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