Building Project Leadership

Professional coaching/consulting for project managers who would like to step up and become effective and fulfilled project leaders. 

Management consulting

Leadership coaching, sparring and consulting for managers and senior managers, supporting delivery of strategic changes, setting and reaching targets.

Executive coaching

Executive coaching is for executives who want to lift their organization and themself to the next level.

Project Recovery

Critical projects sometimes need a boost and support from outside. If you have a project running off track and need to get it back on track, then support to project recovery could be needed.

R&D department development

R&D department development is for R&D managers who are new in their role and need support and guidons to get the best possible start or for R&D managers who want to move their department to the next level.

Team development

Professional coaching for team who would like to step up to the next level of cooperation and performance.

Team coaching helps the team identify the strengths and weaknesses of the team and to build a plan for getting to the next level.

Workshop facilitation for teams

We would love to facilitate your workshop and we are good at it. We run workshops tailored to your needs and we run them onsite or online. It’s up to you.

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